Sunday is the Oscars and it might be one of the first times that the ratings might increase from the previous year.

Especially Buffalo Bills fans will be wanting to watch. Sunday might be the first time that you see Josh Allen and Hailee Steinfeld in public together--and on LIVE television. The duo is in Paris right now ahead of the Oscars. Allen sounds like he is going to be there to support his Hollywood girlfriend:

Hailee Steinfeld's rumored boyfriend was asked if he'll be wearing Enchanté during this year's Oscars. He gave out a one-word reply saying, "Maybe." This one-word reply answered two major questions about Josh Allen, Hailee Steinfeld, and their future plans amidst Oscars 2024", according to

Award shows, specifically TV and movie award shows, have taken a hit in the ratings department over the years, but with Jimmy Kimmel's recent feud with Aaron Rodgers.

Rodgers hinted that Jimmy Kimmel was associated with sexual abuser Jeffery Epstein amid the unsealing of court documents related to Epstein's case. The fight got pretty ugly. Kimmel eventually apologized, while Rodgers did not. This will be Kimmel's 4th time hosting the Oscars and honestly, he's one of the better hosts when it comes to the award shows whether you like him or not.

If you're trying to catch a glimpse of Josh Allen and Hailee Steinfeld, you are going to have to tune in early. The award show will get kicked off at 7 PM Eastern and red carpet pre-shows will be even earlier.

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