You can't unhear it. It sounded like it. Did someone actually yell 'GO JOSH ALLEN' in the middle of Chris Stapleton's speech?

Stapleton was a big winner last night at the CMA Awards as he was one of the most nominated at the 57th annual Country Music Association's Awards. He scored big on his 7th win for Male Vocalist of the Year. When Stapleton went up to accept his speech, he kept getting things yelled at him.

Not in a bad way. It happens a lot to artists. But, in this particular instance it seemed to happen a few times and it was most noticeable because you could tell that Chris Stapleton was getting distracted. On the third time someone yelled something during the speech, you can hear someone yell and it sounds like 'GO JOSH ALLEN'.

Now, we do know that there were people from Buffalo, New York there at the awards, so it could maybe have happened? We have no idea if they actually said Josh Allen's name, but it sounds like it. This morning during Clay & Company, we were talking about it and we amplified the audio so that you could hear it a little better.

Take a listen below. What are they saying?

This morning, Claire Coco scored front row tickets to go see Chris Stapleton on his 2024 tour which will make a stop at Darien Lake coming up on July 11, 2024. There are tons of great, BIG shows that are coming through Western New York next year and you can see the list of country concerts below.

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