The new NFL season is just around the corner.  The New York Jets just unveiled their new uniforms and we've got the pictures here.

NFL franchises are getting ready for a new season and will be doing their best to start selling tickets. One of the ways to do that for a team that has been failing for the last couple of years is to put the team in a new uniform.  When you give them a new look, people automatically start to think that they're going to be watching a newer (better) team.

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For the 2024 season, the Jets have a new uniform

They've been hyping it up for awhile now and decided to show it off on social media today.  So without further ado, here's the new 2024 uniform for the Bills AFC East Rival New York Jets:

The answer is that the new uniforms this year are last year's "throwback" uniforms. For most of the year last year, their jerseys were much more modern.  They had stripes that didn't circle the arms like these.

Washington Commanders v New York Jets
Getty Images

Does the new uniform look familiar to you?

So, does it look different?  If not, it's because you've seen some that were similar last year. Here's what the Jets looked like on opening night against the Bills for the 2023 season:

Buffalo Bills v New York Jets
Getty Images


The logo is now the same as the old logo.  Last year's logo on the side of the helmet had the word "Jets" with a football on it.

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The alternate black helmets are cool, but they had those last year too.  Here's to hoping the talent on the field matches the uniforms.  Same ol' Jets.

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