Alright, that’s it…we’re adopting this guy in the Bills Mafia. We’re making it official. 

There have been several singers, movie stars, former NFL greats and current NFL players, newscasters, famous sportscasters, and so many other celebrities who have attended a Buffalo Bills game and tailgated with the Bills Mafia to get the full effect of our contagious energy. 

Many of these celebrities have become Bills fans over the years. They didn’t necessarily live their childhoods in Western New York, but they were taught the Good Neighborly way of life. 

That has become apparent with Jason Kelce, a football center for the Philadelphia Eagles, attended the last home game of the Buffalo Bills season. Yes, maybe he attended to support his brother Travis Kelce, tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, but Jason took it to the next level by fully embracing the Bills Mafia experience. 

I mean, the guy did a shot out of a bowling ball at Hammers Lot. To me, that screams “you’re in.” 

Then, he stepped it up a notch. Jason Kelce was “all in,” even at the game…when he tore off his shirt, with a LaBatt can in hand, and hurdled out of the suite to be one with Bills fans. 

Now, Jason Kelce has a big announcement for the Buffalo community. As he shared on his podcast New Heights with brother Travis Kelce, he will be teaming up with the Funko Pop team to create a t-shirt that represents that same shirtless image and using it to raise money for the Patricia Allen Fund at Oishei Children’s Hospital in Buffalo.  

Take a look at the Funko Pop shirt design below. 

The Patricia Allen Fund was created in honor of Josh Allen's grandmother after she passed away in 2020. It’s one of the big reasons why Josh Allen always shows his support for the hospital whenever he can. 

Back in 2020, the Bills Mafia managed to raise over $1 million in donations. That’s incredible. 

I am sure that this Funko Pop t-shirt will help raise money for Oishei once again. Thank you, Jason, for loving Buffalo. We Buffalove you right back!

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