The Buffalo Bills took on the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday in what became a nail-biter.  It was intense, and one of the Eagles took exception to one play in particular.

It was a battle that, when the schedule was released, many believed could be a preview of the Super Bowl.  It certainly was an entertaining game.  The Bills and the Eagles were tied up in regulation and ended up going into overtime.  Even though the Bills got the ball first in overtime, they couldn't put it in the end zone and ended up having to settle for a field goal.  It wasn't enough.  The Eagles put the game away with a Jalen Hurts touchdown.

Did the game even matter?

It was an NFC-AFC matchup which ultimately doesn't normally matter as much as a conference or a divisional game.  The Eagles were 9-1 heading into the game and are leading the NFC.  But for the Bills, it felt like a "must-win" game.  At 6-5 and struggling to get into the playoffs, it felt like they had to have this one.

Tensions were high

The Bills were called for 11 penalties for 80 yards throughout the game.  That makes Philadelphia's four flags for 30 yards look like nothing.  Some of the penalties were game-changing too, like this blatant horse-collar tackle on Josh Allen as they were driving.

Jordan Phillips lost his temper

While tensions were high because a lot was at stake for the Bills and flags seemed to only be flying towards them, was there something else going on?  Unfortunately there was also something that happened on the sidelines during the game.

Jordan Phillips and Shaq Lawson (as well as a couple of other Bills who seemed to be trying to de-escalate the situation) got in a confrontation with a fan who they claimed was threatening them and their families.

One Tik Toker is claiming that it's not true and that the Bills lied about what the fan said to them on the sidelines.  Either way, you can see the frustration from Jordan Phillips as he's screaming to the security guard on the sidelines to "Do your job!"

The Eagles are known for a play that has been dubbed the "Tush Push" play where their quarterback will take a sneak for a first down with the aid of someone who pushes him from behind.  When they lined up to run the play, Phillips just crushed the guard across the line from him, Cam Jurgens.


Jason Kelce takes offense and calls the play "A Disgrace"

While on The WIP Morning Show in Philadelphia today, Kelce said that the play was a disgrace and went on to say that there should be a fine for the penalty that he thinks was more than just offsides.  He claims it was a personal foul and should be looked at by the NFL.

Something has to be done about the NFL officiating

It was definitely something more than offsides.  I won't deny that Phillips was quite a bit more aggressive on Sunday night against the Eagles.  Was he just trying to blow the play up?  Was he really just going for it?  We will never know.  It's football.  People are going to get hit.  What I do know is that the NFL has to do something about their officiating. It seems to be getting worse and worse every week!


They should have two goals.  The first should be to keep the players safe. The second should be to not interfere with the outcome of the game.  Keep it fair, but if a penalty isn't affecting the play, what do you need to call it for?

Are the rules just way too complicated?  Do they need to just simplify them to make them a little more black and white?  There seems to be way too much gray and that's where the refs are living these days.

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