One of the most familiar faces in the Bills Mafia is a relatively new member, who finally got an opportunity to make the trek to Buffalo to see a Buffalo Bills game in person. 

His name is Keita Nakagawa, and he joined the Bills Mafia group on Facebook just a few years ago to share his love for the Buffalo Bills with the best fanbase in the NFL. 

While he has been a Bills fan since the 90s, it wasn’t easy for Keita Nakagawa to attend a game because he lives halfway across the world in a city called Tokyo, Japan. 

Nakagawa always dreamed of attending a Buffalo Bills game in person, and he was finally able to do that. In October 2023, he was able to see the Buffalo Bills - Miami Dolphins game, a trip that he had been planning for at least four months. 

Not only did he see the Buffalo Bills get a massive win, but he also got a chance to squirt mustard and ketchup at fellow icon Pinto Ron. After Nakagawa’s tailgating experience, everyone was a huge fan of him, and the Bills Mafia is regularly blessed with his inspirational and uplifting posts on Facebook, about the Bills and about life. 

That’s why the news about the earthquakes in Japan had all of the Mafia concerned for our friend Keita Nakagawa and his girlfriend. 

Many people reached out to them, and he responded in a public Facebook post:

Dear friends,

Thank you for your concern about the earthquake and many messages. It occurred far from Tokyo, so there are no damages here.

However it was a big earthquake, moreover occurred on New Year’s Day which is the most relaxing day for us in whole year, therefore so many people in Japan including me are worrying about the earthquake seriously.

I would like to express my sincere condolences who lost their lives by the earthquake, and hope smooth recovery of injured people and damages.

A series of powerful earthquakes hit Japan on New Years Day, and it took the lives of at least 62 people. Rescue workers continue to search for those trapped under collapsed buildings, according to the Associated Press

The largest quake had a magnitude of 7.6, started a fire and caused several buildings to collapse nearby. 

We’ll update you on the earthquakes as more information becomes available to us. Right now, we’re glad to hear that Nakagawa is ok – and Japan is in our thoughts at this time. 

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