One of the biggest questions this off-season for the Buffalo Bills was what would happen with Gabe Davis.  We have our answer today.

The Jacksonville Jaguars have signed another former Buffalo Bill to their roster.

Gabriel Davis is signing with the Jacksonville Jaguars

Most assumed that it was only a matter of time before Gabriel Davis signed somewhere.  His contract was up with the Bills and they let him go to free agency.  He was one of the most sought out free agents on the market and today he agreed to sign with the Jacksonville Jaguars.

The Bills' need for wide receivers hasn't been bigger

Most fans have been screaming that the Bills need a true WR2 to take some pressure off Stefon Diggs for a long time and it's never been more true than now.  With Diggs headed to Florida, the next receiver up is Khalil Shakir.

While he had a big year in 2023, the Bills will still need someone who could stretch the field like Davis did.

The good news is that the draft seems to be pretty deep with very talented wide receivers.  Hopefully the Bills will be able to pick well at #28 in this year's draft.

Gabe was expected to get paid

Davis' best game with the Bills was probably his 4 touchdown game in the :13 seconds loss to the Kansas City Chiefs in the playoffs.  He earned the nickname "Big Game Gabe" for that reason.  However, he was also criticized for having some big drops at critical moments.

A lot of people expected that Gabe was going to get paid in the off-season and we knew that the Bills just wouldn't have the money to pay him.  They didn't have the cap room to allow for it.  Just last week, the Bills started to release a number of players just to get the team below the cap, much less to allow them to sign many big-name free agents.

It appears as though he will sign a 3-year deal with Jacksonville, worth $39 million with a chance to get to $50 million.

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