While talking about the rules in the NFL today, a former defensive end brought up a point about the size of Josh Allen.

Josh Allen is a big guy.  Maybe it's because of his goofy demeanor when he's off the field.  Maybe it's just because we very rarely get to stand next to him in real life.  But as a football player and especially as a quarterback, he's a big dude.

Dwight Freeney talks with Robert Griffin III about rules in the NFL

Former NFL defensive end Dwight Freeney was talking with former quarterback and current NFL analyst Robert Griffin III about the rules of the current NFL.  He mentioned that it really was unfair for the defense in today's NFL.  His claim was that not only do the rules really protect the offensive players, but they're ruining the integrity of the game.

“…your’re trying to tell me that I cannot try my hardest to get you down, but you can try your hardest to get rid of me?” - Dwight Freeney while talking with Robert Griffin III


Freeney made a pretty bold claim about the size of Josh Allen

Near the very end of the conversation he talked about how it just doesn't make sense to protect those offensive guys.  He brings up how many of the offensive linemen are well over 300 pounds and they're allowed to drop their entire body weight on defensive players, but defensive players can't do the same thing.

Then Freeney says that Josh Allen is as big as he is!

Is Josh Allen really the same size as a defensive end?

It depends on what you're looking at, but it's actually pretty comparable.  Dwight Freeney is about 6'1" and around 270 pounds.  Allen is about 6'5" and around 240 pounds.  So Allen is definitely taller, but Freeney still has about 30 pounds on Allen.

But to put it into perspective, Von Miller, one of the most well-known defensive ends in football is about 6'4" and around 250 pounds.

Josh Allen is about the size of a defensive end.

Do we need to protect these guys?

Of course the NFL needs to protect quarterbacks.  In most cases, they're the highest paid guys on the team.  But they're also in the most vulnerable position.  Also, most quarterbacks aren't Allen's size.  Joe Burrow is around 6'3" and 220 pounds.  Patrick Mahomes is 6'2" and 225.

But Freeney wasn't too far off with his claim. Allen is certainly the odd man out when it comes to size.

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