Do not buy this soup because it might have bugs in it and now there is a recall on it. If you have bought any soup lately you are going to want to look at the label because there is a potential insect contamination in the soup.

Trader Joe's made the announcement on their website this week that their soup called 'Unexpected Broccoli Cheddar Soup' may contain bugs.

All of the soups are contaminated?

No, check for these use by dates.

We have been alerted by our supplier of Trader Joe’s Unexpected Broccoli Cheddar Soup (SKU# 68470) that product with Use By dates 07/18/23 – 09/15/23 may contain insects.

The press release that was sent from Trader Joe's mentions that there have been no reported cases of any illnesses.

There was an incident with Trader Joe's last week, too. There were rocks found in their cookies. Yes--rocks. Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Chunk (SKU# 98744) and Almond Cookies (SKU# 82752) were recalled for possible rock contamination.

How does that even happen?

No clue, but the recalls always say POSSIBLE contamination.

If you buy any of the products that have been recalled you can either go back to the store for a complete refund or exchange for the product.

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