The Buffalo Sabres lost another game last night, 4-0 to the Florida Panthers.

The Panthers scored two empty-net goals to make the score more one-sided than it appeared, but once again, the Sabres' out-shot their opponent and lost. Buffalo got 45 shots on Florida goaltender Anthony Stolarz and it wasn't enough to score even one goal.

The Sabres still sit 10 points out of a playoff spot. The chances of them making up that point gap are slim to none, especially with just 29 games left in the season.

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The fact that general manager Kevyn Adams has not done anything other than trading for forward Eric Robinson, who is a fourth-line player, is incredible. Say what you want about how much the players like Don Granato as their head coach, other teams in the NHL would have terminated his contract by now. Neither that nor a major trade has happened, as the Sabres are about to miss the playoffs for a 13th straight season.

The NHL trading deadline is Friday, March 8th. That's three weeks from today. The time is now to make a move unless the Sabres are just content with staying where they are and not giving fans something to feel good about.

According to former NHL goaltender and current NHL insider Kevin Weekes, Calgary Flames defenseman Rasmus Andersson is drawing serious interest from teams in a potential trade. This is in addition to Noah Hanifin and Chris Tanev drawing trade interest.

Andersson is a 28-year-old top-pair defenseman who has two years left on his contract, for an average of $4.5 million per season. He's produced 50 points in the last two seasons and has 28 points in 50 games this season.

His age and multi-talented style of game is something this Sabres team needs. Buffalo has more prospects than any other team in the league, so they shouldn't be outbid by anyone in these trade talks.

Adams has to do something before it's too late; for his job and Granato's.

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