The Buffalo Sabres were able to avoid disaster on Tuesday night.

They got up 2-0 on the Tampa Bay Lightning, but the Lightning scored a goal in the second period, then scored with less than 10 seconds left to send the game into overtime.

The Sabres played well, especially their penalty kill. The two Lightning goals were ones you can't pick holes at. That along with the game on Long Island this past weekend, the Sabres are off to a bad luck start. They're now 1-2.

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If you went to the game on Tuesday night at KeyBank Center, then you probably noticed some empty seats. That shouldn't be a surprise. Yes, the Sabres are improving and playoffs are the expectation this season, but this is still a franchise in the middle of a 12-year playoff drought. It's a Tuesday night after a 0-2 start.

If you were at the game, did you noticed that someone potentially falling from the 200 section into the 100 section?

Joe DiBiase of WGR radio says that he wasn't sure but looked like someone did just that last night at the game.

Hopefully, that person is okay, if that indeed happened. It may have been a scuffle between two or more fans.

The Sabres have new food items at KeyBank Center this season. The fried chicken sandwich and the two-foot nachos are items that people keep bringing up on social media.

This would be a good time to get to KeyBank Center. It's early in the season, which means good weather. The Sabres next play the Calgary Flames on Thursday night at KeyBank Center.

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