We know there’s a lot of good-looking Buffalo Sabres, but we think this one is definitely the best looking of the bunch. 

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The Sabres have announced their newest team puppy for the 2023-24 season. Previously, we’ve gotten to watch dogs Nikki (named after US Army vet Nicholas Warden, who grew up in Depew and passed away in the line of duty in 2017) and Rick (named for the legendary Rick Jeanneret) grow up in front of our eyes before they moved on to become service dogs for local veterans.

Now, we have a new nugget to swoon over and adore, and we can’t wait to meet her (yup - it’s another girl!).

Meet The Buffalo Sabres’ New Puppy

Time to say hello to the Sabres’ newest good girl, Blue.

Buffalo Sabres/Canva
Buffalo Sabres/Canva

Blue, whose name was voted on by the fans, is a 14-week-old Saint Bernard/Mastiff mix (imagine how big she’ll be by the end of the season!). She too will be working with WNY Heroes to train to become a local service dog for a veteran at the end of the season.

Look at how comfortable she already looks in the Sabres’ locker room. We’re swooning hard

Congratulations, Blue! We know you’re going to grow up to do great things, and we can’t wait for all of the pets, sniffs, and cute photo ops this season.

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