We're just a few days away from the start of the 2024 NFL Scouting Combine.

For a week, the best college prospects will be analyzed in physical and mental traits by all 32 teams. It helps teams get measurables, raw athleticism and just the makeup of these players as people (which happen in team interviews).

After the combine, we have NFL free agency, which officially begins on March 14th; although the legal tempering period begins March 11th.

The Bills certainly have a long history of work done on the 2024 draft class. Buffalo holds 10 picks and three in round six. That could signal the Bills will use some of those extra picks and trade up at some point during the draft.

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In our first mock draft, the Bills selected LSU wide receiver Brian Thomas Jr.

Thomas Jr. is a big target who can stretch the defense. He's a pure outside wide receiver and be an easy plug and replace for Gabe Davis, who is a free agent in March.

There's still uncertainty whether some like Thomas Jr. will last until 28 but they also have some needs at defensive tackle and edge rusher.

In our second mock draft, the Bills decide they can't pass up a defensive tackle that slides down the board but they use draft capital to get back up for that coveted wide receiver that fans want.

First round (28th overall): Jer'Zhan Newton, DT, Illinois

Newton is projected to go anywhere from the mid-first round to the end of the first round. If he gets to 28, there will likely be a conversation about taking another big and athletic defensive tackle. The Bills do need to get younger at the position; they also need bodies in general at the position.

Second round (42nd overall): Troy Franklin, WR, Oregon

Franklin likely doesn't make it to pick 42 but with him sliding in this mock draft, Beane pulls the trigger on a trade up -- giving up pick 60, pick 162 and a third round pick in the 2025 NFL Draft.

Franklin is lanky but is fast and can stretch the defense. He's someone Allen would love in the passing game.

Fourth round (129th overall): Thomas Harper, S, Notre Dame

Harper is a good coverage corner who is smart. He feels like a good fit with the Bills and great value for a potential Micah Hyde replacement.

Fifth round (159th overall): Dylan Laube, RB, New Hampshire

Laube is small but quick and also is a kick and punt returner. He could be a solid change of pace back and a returner for Buffalo, if they make Deonte Harty a cap casualty.

Sixth round (198th overall): Khristian Boyd, DT, Northern Iowa

Sixth round (202nd overall): Sundiata Anderson, edge, Grambling State

Sixth round (206th overall): Isaiah Williams, WR, Illinois

Seventh round (246th overall): Micah Abraham, CB, Marshall

Let us know if you agree with these selections.

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