The Buffalo Bills have made the playoffs for five straight seasons, with four straight AFC East titles. Josh Allen is the biggest reason why but the man who drafted Allen and put together the roster should also get huge credit, which is GM Brandon Beane.

Beane arrived after the 2017 NFL Draft and instantly become beloved by Bills Mafia. He selected Allen, Taron Johnson, Ed Oliver, Dawson Knox, James Cook, Greg Rousseau and many more key players.

Beane has his hands full this off-season. The Bills have to clear $37+ million in cap space, which means they have to restructure contracts and maybe even release one or two more players.

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The one thing people lobe about Beane is his honesty in media interviews. He's candid and likable. He doesn't say the same company lines and is genuine with fans and media members.

He's also stylish.

Matt Bove of WKBW pointed out during the 2024 NFL Scouting Combine that Beane was wearing some awesome Nike sneakers, which happen to be roughly $800.

I don't think I have ever spent more than $200 on any sneaker. To spend $800 on a pair is pretty amazing, but these are nice and Beane is the GM of an NFL football team, so this checks out.

The Bills likely won't be active in free agency next week, given their cap situation, but the draft should be fun. The Bills have 10 picks and could be poised for a trade up on day one or two of the draft...maybe to get a wide receiver or defensive lineman that they covet.

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