The Bills are doing what many said wouldn't be done.  They're trading Stefon Diggs to the Houston Texans.  Now, what is next?

Bills fans were dealt a shocking blow today.  In the beginning of March, the Bills parted ways with the likes of Mitch Morse, Tre'Davious White, and Jordan Poyer.  Now, in the beginning of April, the Bills have traded away their WR1, Stefon Diggs.

This team is going to look like a completely different team in 2024.  Once you take a step back from the shock, you start to look at what might be next.  So what does it mean for the Bills?

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First, what did the Bills get back for Diggs?

Normally fans are ok with huge trades as long as you get a bunch back in return.  This one doesn't really feel that way.  We gave them Stefon Diggs and this year's 6th-round draft pick and got back a 2nd in 2025.

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What do the Bills end up paying now?  How does it affect the cap?

You've heard all off season that the Bills were way over the cap.  We knew that they were going to lose some players in order to get themselves to be cap compliant with the NFL.  This isn't one of the moves that anyone expected the Bills to make because it's going to end up costing them against the cap.

By trading Diggs, the Bills will be stuck with $31 million in dead cap.  This is the best way I've seen it described:

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What do they do now?

The Bills are going to need a #1 wide receiver.  As it stands, the Bills have Curtis Samuel and Khalil Shakir who are both very capable wide receivers, but they're going to need more than that.  They've got Kincaid and Knox and Cook out of the backfield but you know they are going to need that dependable #1 receiver that they can count on.

Will they use that 2nd round 2025 pick to use as leverage to move up this year in the draft and get a stud rookie receiver that they can have on the roster for a lot cheaper?  Or will they be using those picks to trade for someone like Minnesota's Justin Jefferson or the 49ers Brandon Aiyuk?

You have to believe there's more to this plan

It's hard to believe that the Bills were just so ready to part ways with Stefon Diggs that they were willing to eat a bunch of dead cap and make an AFC opponent stronger.  There has to be more to this than we know, right?

Oh...and we'll get to see Diggs again.  The Bills will be playing him this season.

Keep your phones handy.  It looks like Brandon Beane isn't done with the 2024 offseason just yet.

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