Last night’s showdown between the Buffalo Bills and Kansas City Chiefs wasn't just another stressful matchup with one of our top rivals. It was also Taylor Swift’s very first Bills game!

Granted, she didn’t look nearly as happy watching her man Travis Kelce as she has during other appearances at Arrowhead Stadium (same, Taylor), but Bills-loving Swifties were finally excited to get their Tay Tay football fix. 

Sure, there are tons of NFL fans (Bills Mafia included) who are sick of all of the Swift media coverage, but it’s time to suck it up and face the facts.

You May Hate To Admit It This, But…

Here’s the hard truth:

 Taylor Swift isn’t just a wildly successful International icon anymore. She’s officially an American football WAG, and it doesn’t seem like she’s going anywhere anytime soon. 

Getty Images/Canva
Getty Images/Canva

So instead of hating on the pop superstar (and her fans who’ve recently discovered football for the first time), you need to start embracing them! 

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After all, Swifties are one of the most passionate fan bases on the planet. They’re incredibly loyal, they’re dependable, they stick by her side through all of her ups and downs, and, most of all, they’re obsessed.

Hmm. Sound like any other types of fans we know?

Buffalo Bills fans
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So we say, the more NFL fans that also happen to be Swifties, the better!

 To embrace that while celebrating Taylor Swift’s first Bills game (and watching them win - you know you loved it, Tay Tay), let’s recap the Buffalo Bills’ Sunday night win over the Kansas City Chiefs Swiftie style - with these Taylor Swift song lyrics that summarize the night perfectly.  

Baby, let the game(s) begin!

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