A few weeks ago we went over the best cities in New York state for bachelorette parties.  But where do the boys go for their last night?

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How many movies have been made about bachelor parties?

The answer is...a ton! In the '80s there was one starring Tom Hanks called simply, "Bachelor Party."  There was "The Hangover" and all of its sequels.  There was even one about a couple of older gentlemen who were going for their last hurrah called "Last Vegas."

The reason there are so many is that there are so many incredible stories that can come from them.

But bachelor parties aren't what they used to be.  Back in the day, they might have been a little raunchier than what a lot of people are planning for their bachelor parties today.  Now, it might include some cigars, some golf, or maybe a trip somewhere to just go bar hopping in a different city.

So if you were going to hit up a city in New York, which one would be the best one to head to?

Just like they did to find the Best Cities for Bachelorette Parties, Lawn Love put together a list of the Best Cities for Bachelor Parties and a couple of cities in New York State showed up.

To see the entire list, click here.

New York City was still the top destination for bachelor parties in New York state.  But on this list, Buffalo bested Rochester.  It was pretty close though with Buffalo coming in at number 37 overall and Rochester just two more stops down the list.

Also showing up were Syracuse at #54 and Yonkers at #83 out of 200.

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