The NFL off-season is about to get very fun.

The 2024 NFL Scouting Combine starts on Monday and after that, the legal tampering period for NFL free agency begins on March 11th, with players allowed to sign on March 14th. That day is also when the new league year begins, which means that teams will have to be cap compliant and be under the 2024 salary cap number.

In regards to the salary cap, we have been waiting on the word of what the cap number would be. We have heard reports of $243 million to $250 million. Maybe slightly higher...that was the hope of Bills fans, to be at least $250 million.

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On Friday, the best possible news came for the Bills.

The NFL's 2024 salary cap number will be $255.4 million.

That means that the Bills are over the cap by $41.3 million, according to Spotrac. They will in all likelihood restructure contracts like Josh Allen.

An Allen restructure would likely create around $23 million in space, converting 2024 salary to a roster bonus. The same could be done with guys such as Dion Dawkins and Von Miller. That would get the Bills cap compliant.

However, they could still release more players to get more money for free agent signings and to sign their draft picks. Those players who could be cap casualties would likely be Jordan Poyer, Deonte Harty and Nyheim Hines.

That's not saying those guys would be guaranteed to be let go, just more options that general manager Brandon Beane has.

This news is great though. It might mean the Bills could sign a target free agent with that extra money they didn't know they would have.

But first, they have to restructure contracts.

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