Who’s ready for a road trip?

Even though there are plenty of awesome things to do right here in Buffalo, sometimes it’s nice to head out of town with your family or friends and experience someplace new. And now that gas prices aren’t nearly as high as they were last year, you can feel free to hit the road for a quick weekend getaway.

Start putting together your road trip playlist, because we’re about to say “bye bye” to Buffalo for an exciting weekend getaway. 

10 Great Places You Can Easily Get To From Buffalo, New York

Thankfully, there are many cities surrounding Western New York that are perfect for a weekend road trip - and it won’t take you all day to get there. A recent post on the Buffalo subreddit inspired us to collect a list of fun areas that won’t take you all day to get to. 

Weekend trip ideas?
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Whether you’re an adventure-seeker excited to spend time in the great outdoors, a foodie dying to try delicious regional cuisine, a wine connoisseur looking to expand their palate, or a museum lover who enjoys learning while they’re on vacation– we can guarantee that you’ll find a place on this list that’s worthy of spending a spring or summer weekend.

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The best part? You can hop in the car and arrive in these 10 places in only 4 hours or less

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No matter how you like to spend your weekends, here are the best road trips close to Buffalo, New York guaranteed to be a great time. 

10 Awesome Weekend Road Trips Near Western New York

Here's some great places close to Buffalo that will make you want to hit the road.

Gallery Credit: YouTube/Canva

LIST: Total Solar Eclipse Events In Western New York

Here are all of the events to view the total solar eclipse in and around Buffalo, New York.

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