Have you ever seen Bigfoot?

It's one of life's most unanswerable questions, and yet, people from all walks of life continue to search for the answer. Every now and again, someone in your state will go "viral" for claiming they've seen a Sasquatch in the wild. If you're lucky, they'll even post a grainy, sloppily-filmed video of a shadowy figure sauntering through the woods.

How often does this happen in New York, though? A recent study was published with data on Bigfoot sightings, and the results may not be what you'd expect.

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Study Reveals Amount of Bigfoot Sightings in New York, Other States

As reported by ABC News 10 in Albany, The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization has published updated data, showing the amount of Bigfoot sightings that have been reported in every state in the country.

The study shows that New York has had 119 Bigfoot sightings that have been confirmed to the website's researchers.

The leader in the clubhouse in terms of Bigfoot sightings is Washington, which isn't overly surprising, given the vast wilderness that envelopes the state and the American Northwest as a whole. California, Florida, Ohio and Illinois round out the top-five states in terms of sightings.

A few of the more notable sasquatch sightings have gained national media attention, including those featured in this piece from The History Channel:

In general, the Northeast doesn't have an overwhelming amount of sightings reported to the database. Aside from Hawaii, which is the only state that has zero reported sightings, Connecticut and Delaware make up the other two in the bottom three of the BFRO's list, with five sightings each.

In case you were curious, the website has received the most reports in Canada from British Columbia, with 134 total reports.

The BFRO describes itself as an all-volunteer network of bigfoot/sasquatch researchers, archivists, and investigators in the United States and Canada. The website offers a comprehensive Report Form, which allows Bigfoot witnesses to describe their encounter in vivid detail, and provide other specific details including location, time of year and more.

So, when you're hiking in the Capital Region and see an ominous figure in the distance, you know exactly what you should do next.

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