Guys, the best time of year has started. It's pumpkin season.

Contrary to when astrologists tell you the autumn solstice begins, pumpkin season is truly the kick-off to fall. When the sweet smell of cinnamon wafts through the air, which may or may not still be 90 degrees, that is when you know fall is here. Sure, the leaves may still be on the trees and your toes would probably sweat if you threw on your UGGs, but none of that matters. It's August, but it's pumpkin season, and thus it is fall.

What is pumpkin season exactly? It's that superbly perfect time of year when you can roll up to your local coffee joint (or one of the 8,000 Dunkin Donuts locations near you) and say with pride, "I'll take a pumpkin spice latte," without fear of rejection: "We don't have that yet." Oh, they have it. Because it's pumpkin season now.

Life just seems a little bit sweeter when it's pumpkin season. Like no matter what happens in your day, everything is OK because you had a little nutmeg on your tongue. That zesty blend of spices well help you forgive that jerk driver who cut you off, your boss who made you stay at work late, even the cop who pulls you over for selfie-ing with your pumpkin bev while driving. Ahhh yes, everything's alright because it's pumpkin season.

Not to be confused with scarf season, legging season or boot season, pumpkin season will make you feel all the feels of fall while still being able to catch a tan at the beach. With every pumpkin muffin bite, your nose will tingle with the aromas of Thanksgiving without actually having to bake a pie.

The start of pumpkin season may have you a bit panicked—Christmas is, like, SO close now. But relax, take a sip of that pumpkin-y goodness and just enjoy the beauty that is all around. For it is pumpkin season.