Rihanna was caught on tape sniffing or doing something suspect.

While it should be no surprise to anyone if Rihanna was doing coke, since most celebrities do some type of drug, this is gonna make a whole lot of stupid kids think coke is cool.

Rihanna strongly denies using cocaine in this video. She said she was rolling a "cigarette."

I believe her.

The reason why I believe Rihanna is because she admits to smoking marijuana and she doesn't really care what anyone thinks. Why would she go as far as responding back to the person who recorded the video? I think the person who shot the video was trying to come up and make controversy for Rihanna.

I hope Rihanna isn't in love with the CoCo. The #Rihnavy has been harassing the alleged poster all day even having his Twitter page removed and threatening to call the police on him.