Bobby Shmurda had the Internet in an uproar when a video of him "performing" for label executives to get a record deal. A lot of black people said the video was reminiscent to a minstrel show. Check out the video and let me know what you think.

A couple of clarifications that need to be made before you make a judgement about Bobby Shmurda and the context of this video: a lot of people assume this video is from the day he got signed to the record label. WRONG! This is impossible. Bobby Shmurda is performing songs from his album in front of people that work at the record label. All of these people are not executives at the record label. If he was just getting signed, he wouldn't even have songs to perform.

Secondly, what do you expect from someone who has been "selling crack since the 5th grade?" If you listen to the lyrics of "Hot N*gga" the whole premise behind this song is tragic. This song is about murdering people, selling drugs and everyone you know being involved in illegal activities. It amazes me that people get offended by white people enjoying this music or making money off it.

Someone should help the young Bobby Shmurda's of the world instead of judging them for trying to get out of a tragic situation. Hopefully he will save his money and invest in something that won't have his children selling crack in the 5th grade... smh The same people commenting and calling Bobby Shmurda out are the same people that will be doing the Shmoney dance. The problem is bigger than rap music or Bobby Shmurda.