Getting ready for the Insane Inflatable 5K? The unique 5k takes place on September 13 so getting ready to tackle the numerous obstacles should be a top priority.

Because this 3.1 mile run pairs running with giant inflatables like slides, jumparounds, and tire sections typical 5K training is out of the question. If you are running in the race perhaps try some of our tips to making sure you have a blast on September 13. (These tips are more than likely not going to help you in the long run, most require playground equipment, and we are in no means athletic trainers).

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    Obviously jumping skills are a must for a 5K called "Insane Inflatables." Find a jump rope and enjoy your flashbacks to elementary recess as you train to jump over the tire sections in the run.

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    Have we mentioned the GIANT inflatable slide that is a key component of the course? You are going to have to get to the top somehow so you might want to think about finding a ladder or something else to build your upper body strength. We have heard that hitting the gym could also help with this.

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    Do not mistake bouncing and jumping for the same thing. Jumping requires strength while bouncing also requires a certain air of gracefulness. To get your bounce on locate a trampoline/bounce house and visualize yourself in the race gracefully bouncing through the obstacles like a beautiful gazelle.

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    Okay, maybe actually practicing your running is a good idea since this is a 5K. Work up your stamina to make running a 5K look like a breeze.