Oops! Iggy Azalea accidentally split her parents while performing at some (very lucky) 13-year-old boy's bar mitzvah. And if that wasn't embarrassing enough, it looks like she may have gone commando that day. Yikes!

Video surfaced of the incident today (Nov. 3), that shows Iggy dropping it low and accidentally revealing a little skin while doing so. Ever the professional, however, the Aussie rapper just kept on goin', ripped pants be damned.

And speaking of getting the last laugh, Iggy definitely got some hilarious revenge against Snoop Dogg this Halloween. After he infamously compared her to Marlon and Shawn Wayans in 'White Chicks,' the 'Beg for It' rapper totally owned it and dressed exactly like one of the 'White Chicks' from the film. Check out her ridiculously amazing costume (and peep other celebs' 2014 Halloween attire!) in the gallery below.

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