Iggy Azalea has finally responded to the brouhaha following the 2014 BET Awards Sunday (June 29).

During Nicki Minaj's acceptance speech after winning Best Hip-Hop Female Artist trophy, it appeared she was throwing shade at the Aussie rapper.

On Wednesday (July 2), the Queen Barbz clarified her statements via Twitter and praised Azalea on her recent accomplishments. However, she stressed that female rappers need to write and produce their own songs.

Azalea went on Instagram and addressed the situation.

In her Instagram message, the 'Fancy' rhymer doesn't respond to Minaj's earlier statements or address the rumors that she has ghostwriters penning her rhymes. But Azalea does feel that the "online pettiness" is getting way out of hand.

"This is my mind state about everything & the only time I'm ever going to refer to this again so go nuts guys, Enjoy it," she writes. "Ps. If you squint exxxtra hard you can see tiny elves having illuminati meetings between the lines in my notes app too."

In Azalea's missive, she states that she's "unbothered" by anything that happened at the BET Awards. She also revealed that she will not get into fights with anyone who doesn't support her success.

In the end, she wishes everyone to just "let it go."

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