The City of Albany is New York's oldest contiguous city, and as such, it has a number of incredible historical houses.

Albany was officially chartered by the British government in 1686, but when New York was officially established as a colony, and later a state, it was named the capital of New York in 1797. Since that time, the city has of course grown exponentially, and the rest of the region followed suit. Despite all of the changes, the State Capital still proudly displays certain elements from its past.

Chief among those pieces of history on display are houses, and as it turns out, Albany's historical housing market is among the nation's best.

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Albany, New York Named City with Most Historical Houses for Rent

According to a report from Cision PR Newswire, the furniture company Joybird published statistics showing the best cities in the country in which you can rent a historical home. The statistics ranked the top cities in the nation, as well as the states with the most, and least, homes of that era for rent.

Joybird's findings showed that Albany, New York has by-far the most historical homes for rent out of any city in the United States, with 105 per 100,000 homes.

Cision explains that Joybird used and Zillow to find the number of single-family homes built before 1971, and counted up the amount of homes that fit that criteria in each city. Albany's 105 nearly doubled the next closest city, which was New Haven, Connecticut, clocking in at 58 houses per 100,000.

Schuyler Mansion State Historic Site / Google Maps
Schuyler Mansion State Historic Site / Google Maps

Rounding out the top five cities in the nation were Miami, St. Louis and Houston. Bridgeport and Hartford, Connecticut, along with Providence and Philadelphia, were the other Northeastern cities that made the Top 20.

As a state, New York was ranked as having the fourth-most historical homes for rent in the country. California, Florida and Pennsylvania were all ranked ahead of New York, while Massachusetts finished just below the Empire State, at No. 5. New Mexico was found to have the least amount of historical homes for rent, according to the study.

So, if you're a fan of history, classic architecture, or even the paranormal, consider finding a home to rent in Albany, New York. The data seems to show that you'll have a few options from which to choose.

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