Will and Jaden Smith helping the city of Flint, Michigan by donating water

It’s been nearly four years and the city of Flint still does NOT. Have. Clean. Water! I understand its 2018 and we are distracted by a futile President, race wars and a rapper named “LiL Xan” so it’s easy to forget. But because it’s not affecting you personally doesn’t mean we can’t bring awareness to a devastating situation. Will and Jaden Smith have dedicated their time, effort and funds to service the city with its leaded water crisis.


Their water company, JUST, will donate water to the public school system each month until they have clean water again. They have already donated about 9200 bottles of water to Flint. The Smith family understands the value of water and has created JUST to provide an eco-friendly substitute to plastic bottles. They use a renewable source packaging which is 82% plant based. We need more people like the Smith family who are willing to help out in a time in need. Let us know of whats other alternatives you might be able to think of to help out Flint and it's water crisis.

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