One of our most recognizable and legendary Capital Region restaurants is getting some national recognition from Tripadvisor.

And you know this honor is the real deal because it was determined by the reviews and ratings of real people like you! Folks Tripadvisor calls "...real travelers going, trying, and sharing your experiences."

Maybe like me when you see anything getting a national honor chosen by someone who has no knowledge of the Capital Region or Upstate New York, you are little skeptical. But in this case - it is a well-deserved tip of the cap from real tourists confirming what we already know about this great local eatery.

Credit: Martha's Dandee Creme Facebook Page
Credit: Martha's Dandee Creme Facebook Page

Every year Tripadvisor will determine the best of the best in the nation in several tourist-driven categories like vacation destinations, beaches, hotels, and maybe the most important category, restaurants: everything from fine dining to quality fast food options, which is the list where this iconic Capital Region eatery is the cream of the crop with Tripadvisor reviewers.

Matty Jeff
Matty Jeff

So which Captial Region restaurant are we talking about? Chances are like me and my family, you made several visits to this local legend this past summer because well, that is the only time of year you can eat at this seasonal spot for greasy eats and ice cream!

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