Ice Cube hit the stage this past weekend to perform a series of throwback hits during a NASCAR competition in California.

Yesterday afternoon (Feb. 6), Ice Cube commandeered the mic during the halftime show at the Busch Light Clash professional racing competition, which took place at the L.A. Memorial Coliseum. The Crenshaw, Calif. rhymer performed a number of classics including "Friday" from the soundtrack of the 1995 film of the same title; "Check Yoself," from 1992's The Predator; "You Know How We Do It," off of his 1993 LP, Lethal Injection, and more.

While the rapper-actor put his best foot forward for his performance, the crowd offered a range of reactions from excitement to confusion and even inattentive. But that could possibly be due to the fact that the audience Cube performed in front of weren't necessarily fans of his music.

Folks on social media also chimed in on the performance with some praising the former N.W.A member while others thought Ice Cube as the halftime act was pretty random.

One person on Twitter wrote, "Ice Cube performing at NASCAR is pure gold. Watching the level of discomfort in most faces in the crowd is just pure entertainment Smiling face with open mouth and cold sweat."

"This crowd does not deserve Ice Cube. #BuschLightClash #NASCAR," said another.

A third user typed, "Man I am sorry..but NASCAR will never be for the ICE CUBE hip hop audience.. lol..they trying hard for ratings IMO."

This year's Busch Light Clash race marked numerous firsts as far as modern iterations of the sport are concerned, including a mid-race concert. At lap 75, the race's halfway mark, the field of 23 cars were stopped and fans were treated to a brief concert from Ice Cube.

Prior to the performance, Cube said in a statement, "I’ve long been a fan of NASCAR from afar, and I’ve become an even bigger fan after seeing the action in person. And now to perform for all of the fans at the Coliseum and for the millions watching at home, I’m excited to be part of an incredible day for NASCAR and L.A."

The Coliseum, where the professional race took place, is also where Drake and Kanye West held their Free Larry Hoover benefit concert back in December.

Check out Ice Cube's performance below.

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