Despite being one of the bigger hits of 2007, a sequel to 'I Am Legend' failed to materialize. Blame star Will Smith's unwillingness to do sequels or blame the film's rather definitive ending, which made a follow-up difficult. Seven years later, the franchise that wasn't is being rebooted and, no, Smith will not be involved.

According to Deadline, Warner Bros. is rewriting a spec screenplay, called 'A Garden at the End of the World,' to fit into the 'I Am Legend' universe, allowing it to remake the film while acting as a loosely connected sequel with the potential to branch off into a franchise. Screenwriter Gary Graham, who wrote the script while working in an Apple Store, is currently reworking his screenplay to fit in the post-apocalyptic world created by director Francis Lawrence in the original film. Although we don't know the exact nature of Graham's original story, Deadline describes it as "a sci-fi version of John Wayne's 'The Searchers,'" which sounds like an interesting angle for a movie set in a world devastated by a virus that transforms people into monsters, forcing the survivors to stay alive by any means necessary.

Since Smith will not be involved in the film and Lawrence is busy helming the 'Hunger Games' movies, the 'I Am Legend' reboot producers are now tasked with tracking down a director and star. Will Smith is a tough act to follow, but we imagine they'll try to nab another actor of a similar caliber. Since the project is still in the earliest stages of development, we don't know much more than that, but if this thing is meant to be, we'll probably hear additional rumblings sooner rather than later.

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