Folks should know by now there is always a risk putting your property up for rent on the site Air BnB. Well, unfortunately, one house owner really got screwed over the weekend in Columbia County. According to WYNT An out of control party involving 1,000 people ended with a trashed house.

Like I don’t understand how you can go to someone else’s property and just treat it straight like trash and expect not to reprimanded for it. Well, these people might have gotten away with just that because there haven’t been any charges filed. Not only were the grounds littered with empty and broken liquor bottles, not to mention plastic cups, the inside of the building also looked like it had been ransacked. There is overturned and broken furniture scattered about along with ripped up books and newspapers.

There is a trend happening where promoters will rent out the house and then charge an entry fee for folks to come and party it up and then BOUNCE. Anyone with morals would at least clean up, or hire someone to do so after the fact. Imagine if it was your home being torn up like that? Although most Air BnB’s come with a cleaning fee, I doubt what these house party doers did would cover it.

Hey, you only live once, nut the only thing that concerns me was who was the DJ?

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