Yea I try to stay in the mix with all the new music that's popping these days. But the internet be so fast that you just gotta be on the alert when music drops. I love music period whether its trap, real rap, RnB or just vibing fun music , but I will forever love NY music. Its just something about that sound. This weekend Juelz and A boogie dropped some new heat for the streets. Definitely had to add that to my playlist asap. "now its time to get it focus on the get back"


Love me some Lil Durk ,and the Migos stay lit. Not gonna lie I sleep on Lil Yachty sometimes but he did his thing on this one" I done fell in love wit my homie b**ch"

I cruise a lot at nights. Clear my head and get my thoughts together and I just recently downloaded SahBabii new album " S.A.N.D.A.S" and Iet it play and I rocks with this song " Purple Ape"

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