Remember the Ice Bucket,The Harlem Shake and who could forget the So Gone Challenge? Say hello to the Mannequin Challenge.

In this latest viral video genre, groups of people are gathering and freezing themselves in place. Sounds simple but there are often in elaborate poses and scenarios.

One camera-toting person walks through the scene to zoom in on the details. As is often the case, teenagers are leading the way.

A lot of people complain about how it is stupid: truth is it’s innocent fun. What would you rather have teenagers out here doing?

This trend has been going on for a couple of week, so in today's internet age, That means we must turn to the inevitable question: How long until adults ruin it?

I give the mannequin challenge until the first week of December before it enters #TBT (Throwback Thursday) status. If you did a mannequin challenge tag us so we can post it.