There were remains of at least two dogs found near a bike path in Rensselaer County. Police said the dogs were tested and they had a viral disease. They are trying to find who dumped these dogs.

Where Were They Located?

Troy Police say the multiple remains of more than two dogs were discovered in a wooded area near the bike path in North Central Troy. They aren't sure how they got there or who would have disposed of the remains.

They Discovered Something Interesting in the Remains

After testing, officials say the dogs that were discovered had canine parvovirus. It is a gastrointestinal illness mainly found in puppies that is a viral and very contagious disease. They also say that this disease was the most likely cause of death according to the Times Union.

What Happens Now?

All of the dogs' remains were given to the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society. They aren't speaking about the incident because of the ongoing investigation with the Troy Police Department. The police are trying to figure out who owned these dogs. There was a one hundred dollar reward posted by Troy City Council candidate, Ryan Brosnan. He is hoping the reward will be an incentive for someone to come forward with information that leads to the arrest of whoever dumped these dogs.

Ryan Brosnan said in a statement,

Whoever left these dogs deserves to be punished.  Animal cruelty cannot and will not be tolerated and whoever left these dogs for dead must be found.

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