There are a lot of things wrong with the world in 2014, yet there are many things that are right. One of the things that's most definitely right with it? The soulful, passionate and unforgettable front porch performance of a blues-infused, folky rock song that powers the 'Today Is Pretty Great' Honda Civic Coupe commercial. Who is the band?

They're Vintage Trouble, and their music is pretty classic -- a throwback in the best possible way. The song they perform is loaded with a lived-in blues sound, dosed with modern cool, like the kind Lenny Kravitz exudes. But it's their heritage energy, which calls to mind Otis Redding, that makes Vintage Trouble stand out. No wonder the advertising team at Honda put them in a commercial.

We did a little web digging, and at the time of publication, we're not sure of the title of the song, if it was pre-existing or if it was custom created for this particular commercial. But whatever the case -- it reminds us that music can be pretty great.

You can find more information about the band here.