The idea of Fat Joe and 50 Cent collaborating in 2013 would've been ridiculous a few years back. Time heals relationships though. If Ja Rule was able to sit on the same flight as 50 Cent without shedding a tear, then surely Joe and Fif could resolve their differences, right? The answer is yes. After burying their beef at the 2012 BET Hip-Hop Awards during the Chris Lighty tribute, the two collaborate on 'Free Again,' a cut off DJ Kay Slay's upcoming 'Rhyme or Die' project.

The StreetRunner production takes a look back at the smoked out New York streets. The track samples Raekwon's verse on 'Incarcerated Scarfaces' as Fat Joe and 50 Cent spit some nostalgia almost as if they're rewriting their tumultuous past in a sense. They aren't going soft though. "The f--- out my way, drive the bricks down the highway / It's an anthem when I rant, f--- you think I am, Kanye?" 50 Cent rhymes.

'Rhyme or Die' doesn't have a release date as of yet.

Listen DJ Kay Slay's 'Free Again' Feat. Fat Joe & 50 Cent