According to the New York Post, actor Alec Baldwin and his family were spotted just 90 minutes from the Capital Region in New England.

While the investigation continues into the on-set shooting of the movie "Rust", Baldwin has been seen with his family in Manchester, Vermont. When asked if they knew where he was, investigators indicated they "were not exactly sure".

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U.S. Sun

Yahoo News reports that, during the filming of the movie "Rust", Baldwin was practicing cross-drawing a long-barreled Colt .45 revolver on set when the prop-gun went off. Authorities confirmed that a live round struck cinematographer Halyna Hutchins in the stomach and continued through striking director Joel Souza’s right shoulder.

The investigation is ongoing and a recent interview with NBC's Today, it was noted that the current focus of the investigation is on the people who handled the gun prior to Hutchins’ death. Authorities are also trying to determine how live ammunition made its way to set at all and who was responsible for bringing it.

This tragic incident reminds us of Brandon Lee and the way he died as the result of a prop-gun mishap in 1993 when filming "The Crow". The New York Post interviewed an actor on this Baldwin’s movie who said filming felt “life-threatening”. Cast members were concerned this would be another Brandon Lee-style deadly shooting on set.

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