It's report card time, baseball fans. Are you posting your team's report card on the fridge, or burying it in the backyard and saying your dog ate it?

Let's get into the numbers. ESPN Senior Writer David Schoenfield wrote an article grading each one of the 30 MLB teams on their first-half performance. He weighed their current record against the team's expectations in order to create a letter grade, while also taking into account injuries, player moves and other criteria.

Here's how the New York teams were graded.

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New York Yankees: D+

Yeesh. This a tough grade, but when considering the expectations levied on this team, one that is hard to disagree. You've had a few bright spots here and there, that you hope will continue into the second half. Gary Sanchez has had a resurgence during the summer months, and Aaron Judge has played at an All-Star pace this entire season.

That being said, this team has shown little consistency, and seems to string losses together at a much easier pace than wins. The Bombers definitely face an uphill battle in a competitive American League East.

New York Mets: B

This grade also seems relatively fair to me. The Mets are in first place, and have been for quite some time. That said, the National League East is not the strongest division by a long shot, and the Mets have underperformed in certain areas, but have been better than their competition despite it.

They've overcome a horrible rash of injuries, and received incredible performances from replacement players. They need better play at the plate from their stars, including Francisco Lindor and Michael Conforto, and need to find a few more arms to round out their starting rotation, before they can win more games and move up in the grade scale.


So, after seeing ESPN's grade, how would you grade these teams?

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