Pyramid Management Group, the parent company of Crossgates Mall, confirmed in a press release that gun shots were fired in an "unfortunate and isolated incident" earlier this afternoon.

The release goes into detail on the incident saying:

"The altercation resulted in the discharge of a firearm inside our facility. Law enforcement officials and Crossgates personnel were already onsite at the time of the incident inside the facility, and along with our tenants, immediately engaged in a comprehensive, routinely practiced and programmed response to address the incident. As such, Crossgates immediately went into lockdown."
Pyramid says the incident took place between "known acquaintances" and that it was not a random act. No arrests have been made, though police are confident that the suspect is no longer on the premises. The mall will remain closed this evening.

First and foremost, let's hope everyone at the mall is safe and accounted for. We'll keep you posted on any news that develops with this story.

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