Gucci Mane has been hard at work since he was released from prison last month. But he's also been hard at play--and isn't it great when you can do both at the same damn time?

Gucci invited Young Thug, Drake, Mike WiLL Made-It and Zaytoven to his mansion in Atlanta for what looked like a party but appears to be a music video shoot. The question that's on everyone's mind is--what video was it for? There's the new single "O.R.A.N.G.E." and "Back On the Road" as the primary contenders; but nothing has been confirmed as of yet. Well, one thing has been confirmed:  this was quite the get-together.

It's the latest in Gucci's homecoming activities. The trap rap star also recently announced his first major concert since becoming a free man. The “Gucci Mane & Friends” show is expected to kick off in Atlanta in July. No names for “star-studded extravaganza” have been announced, but the “Gucci Mane & Friends” show will take Fox Theatre on July 22.


The party was posted all over social media and it looks like everybody had more than good time. So while everyone speculates as to exactly what was the purpose of this lil soiree, you can at least enjoy the vicarious thrill of watching famous rappers doing famous rapper stuff.

Check out some of the IG and Twitter posts below.



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