New York is a tough state on gun control and gun laws and they have just taken things another step further in controlling the use of guns in New York state.  New York state has just passed a bill that will not allow domestic abusers the right to own any type of firearm, they were already banned from owning a handgun.

New York’s governor has condemned the Trump administration’s inaction on gun control as the state passed legislation banning anyone convicted of domestic violence from owning a firearm. The law will require domestic abusers to hand over any rifles, shotguns and other firearms and comes after 17 people were killed in a school shooting in Parkland, Florida. It extends gun restrictions from a 2012 bill which prohibits abusers from owning handguns. That law was itself passed in the wake of the school massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary.

Do you think these new regulations will stop or slow down gun violence.  There always two side to the story some people find this to be a good move and some find it to be over stepping the boundary of constitutional rights.

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I think that with gun violence most of these people who are willing to kill are willing to be killed. I dont think there is any law that will be able to stop someone who is focused on killing people. Highlighting mental health and making those kind of regulations for gun owners seems like a more effective stragety. This may thwart some efforts but in my opinion more research need to be done on the correlation between gun violence and domestic abuse. Before a bill like this is passed because of recent mass gun violence.

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