Actor August Maturo, he of those adorbs curly-cues, stars in the Disney sitcom 'Girl Meets World.' He is all of six years old, but he already makes more money than you do.

His weekly episode salary is more than the monthly income of the average American. He rakes in a cool $8,000 per week.

Remember, he's six! Single digits in age, four figures in salary. Must be nice.

Maturo plays Cory and Topanga's young son on the show, a future-based spin-off of the beloved '90s sitcom 'Boy Meets World.'

He will earn this healthy salary for the first season and stands to get a bump up if the show is picked up for additional seasons. He could see $9,261 per ep by Season 4, according to TMZ. Jackpot!

Another child actor in a lesser role on the show makes a paltry $4,800 by comparison. That's chump change next to Maturo's haul.

Check out the cast pic from the show below! Cute stuff.