Ginuwine, known to the most casual of R&B fans as the singer of 1996 sex jam "Pony" and former member of supergroup TGT with Tank and Tyrese, was the subject of internet shock and awe on Wednesday evening (November 16) when photos of a penis allegedly belonging to the singer leaked online. If this is somehow the first you're hearing of the leak we'll let you sit with that info for a moment, in case you'd like to construct your own jokes about his "saddle that's waiting," possibly weaving in his real name Elgin LUMPkins. Trust us, everyone else did.

"Everybody keep talking about pics and all SO WHAT!!! We all trust people at times that we shouldn't won't say names as of now!!!" Ginuwine tweeted in a possible confirmation of the photos' veracity on Wednesday, as the pictures circulated and generated hundreds of hilarious and often delighted reactions (we'll skip the euphemisms here: the member in question is enormous).

In a new story that frankly reads more like fictitious wishful thinking than an anonymously-sourced "exclusive," HollywoodLife claims that "A few small underwear companies are even offering him money to model their product." They also allege that Ginuwine's hearing from women he hasn't talked to in years, though it's unclear whether these women had ever seen him naked previously or were memory-jogged by the pics.

Check out a roundup of reactions to Ginuwine's possible nudes leak below.

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