Ghostface Killah ain't nuthin' to f--- with and Martin Shkreli is going to learn today. The Wu-Tang Clan rhymer went on social media to blast the former pharmaceutical executive over his insane price gauging of an antiviral drug.

On Tuesday (Feb. 9), the “All That I Got Is You” rapper posted a 12-minute video on YouTube clowning Shkreli (aka “Pharma Bro") as he pokes fun at his “12-year-old body” and calls him Pee Wee Shkreli. “You’re hilarious. You must be on Ritalin,” he said. “You are a fake-ass super villain.”

Ghostface’s diss video is in response to Shkreli's clip where he dissed the Wu-Tang rapper and threatened to delete Once Upon a Time in Shaolin, the one-of-a-kind Wu-Tang Clan album that he reportedly bought for $2 million. The Pharmaceutical Scrooge has been going on television interviews talking smack about Ghostface and promising to end his rap career. As if.

Ghostface doesn’t care about the Shaolin album, he’s more concerned about how Shkreli could raise the price of a much-needed AIDS drug from $13 a pill to over $750. Ghost even brought out his goons -- his mother and sister -- to lay the smack down on this drug scoundrel.

On Tuesday (Feb. 9), Ghostface went on Fox Business show Mornings With Maria to explain why he went after Shkreli. The 45-year-old rapper hopes Congress goes after him and puts him in jail. As for Shkreli, he responded back with this tweet below:

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