It's hard to believe but all of the sweets and other goodies made a The Sweetish Chef in Ballston Spa is sugar-free, gluten-free, grain-free, low carb, keto, and diabetic.

Britt Young has always wanted to open her own bakery and now she has done just that. It's not just any bakery, it's completely grain-free and sugar-free and located at 76 Front Street right in the village of Ballston Spa.

Why a Sugar-Free Gluten-Free Bakery?

Britt's sister was diagnosed with celiac disease which is an autoimmune disorder where the person cannot ingest gluten without affecting their intestines. So Britt started testing out recipes that were grain and sugar-free. According to, Britt said:

I decided to go gluten-free because it’s (celiac disease) hereditary. Then I read the benefits of avoiding grains and sugar in general, and I just took that step forward with my own life. Back then there were no substitutes. I was only eating eggs, meat, leafy greens, and nuts, and then I realized I could put things together to make things that I was missing.

Where Did She Learn to Bake?

Britt says she learned everything from her mom who was well known for her baking skills and delicious goodies. She was known as the Swedish Chef amongst her family. Britt used some classic recipes and tweaked them to get the right flavors and textures. She said her mom had some unhealthy habits that contributed to her passing in 2018. The bakery honors her mom in both the name and making baking more healthy.

How are these Delicious Baked Goods Made?

The Sweetish Chef isn't just gluten-free, they don't use any grain at all. All of the baked goods are made with coconut or almond flour and sweetened with monk fruit and fermented sugar that's called erythritol.

What Kind of Baked Goodies Do They Sell?

The Sweetish Chef has everything from coffee cake, apple cider donuts, cookies, cupcakes, brownies, and even bagels. There are custom cakes available and she can make them vegan or dairy-free. You can also find her baked goods in The Green Grocer in Clifton Park, Saratoga Coffee Traders, and Life Maid Simple Boutique in Burnt Hills.

Check out The Sweetish Chef in Ballston Spa Wednesday through Saturday from 8 am until 3 pm. Get all the info on shipping and special orders by clicking HERE.

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