Have you noticed gas prices creeping up slowly since Thanksgiving, well I have and you can prepare for them to continue to rise according to News10.

Here is the reason why:

According to Gasbuddy.com, more than 20 cents a gallon since Thanksgiving, but according to experts, it has little to do with supply and demand.

“Supply hasn’t changed that much there is tons of gasoline out there for purchase,” Mac Brownson, Gasoline Retailers Association of New York, said.

Brownson says rather, the uptick is based more on the stock price traded on the world market.

“The price on the street nowadays reflects almost directly the price that gasoline is traded at in the open market.”

Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images
Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

This is one of those things in life you just have to accept. This is how the world economy works, people will blame it on the new President.

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