Episode 2!
Catch The Generation Next Podcast Every Sunday at 10pm - The Hottest Local Artists voted in by you right here at Hot991.com. These 10 artist received the most votes this week. Check out the podcast!

Here are the artists that you thought were the HOTTEST on Hot991.com:
Segment 1:
1. Golden State Boyz – We On feat. Jarvin Bell
2. Dannie The Gr8 – Menage feat. Juice & Whoz Tomorrow
3. Stizz Raw – To The Top
4. SED – Reckless feat. Rachel Simmons
5. B-Fresh – I Gotta Get IT
Segment 2:
1. Static the Prodigy –Rise
2. Jayo the Beatslayer – Only Me
3. KONstant33n Kaly – A Better Me
4. 5hineboy5 Danger – In Your Life
5. Zeuzz – My All