Drivers are officially seeing the highest gas prices in about seven years, with more increases expected.

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The national average for a gallon of regular gas is $3.03. November 2014 was the last time the national average was at $2.99 or higher, according to Triple-A.

Triple-A believes the price of gas will "likely climb higher" due to a major pipeline shutdown.

Last weekend, the Colonial Pipeline announced they were the victim of a cybersecurity attack and, as a precaution, shut down the pipeline, which runs from Texas to New York Harbor. Colonial Pipeline delivers approximately 45 percent of all fuel to the East Coast, according to Triple-A.

The pipeline is running again but officials believe it will take a few more days before service returns to normal from Texas to New York, leaving demand to spike again.

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The average price for a gallon of regular gas in New York is now $3.04, according to Triple-A. That's up over two cents from Tuesday and 8 cents in the past week and 15 cents more than New Yorkers paid one month of a go.

One year ago, Empire State residents paid $2.16 for a gallon of regular gas, Triple-A reports.

The current average price of gas in Dutchess-Putnam County is $3.06, Triple-A reports, up from three cents from Tuesday. The average price of a gallon of regular gas one year ago was $2.25, according to Triple-A.

The current average price of gas in Kingston is $2.97, Triple-A reports, an increase of three cents in two days. Motorists in Ulster County paid $2.08 a gallon one year ago.

In the White Plains area, the current average price of gas is $3.14 up from $3.07 last week. Last year the average price of gas was $2.32.

The Southeast has been hit the hardest amid panic buying. Around 75 percent of all gas stations in North Carolina is out of fuel while around 50 percent of gas stations in Georgia and Virginia are empty. One gas station in Virginia is even charging $7 a gallon.

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