West coast rapper, Game, stopped by BET recently. He spoke about his new album “Jesus Piece” (which Dr. Dre said is amazing, btw) and more interestingly, the possibility of a G-Unit reunion!

So what needs to go down in order to make this happen? Apparently the ball is in 50 Cent’s court.

“What 50 gotta do is let go of his ego. I don’t hold grudges. I was mad for the time being when we were going through that and after that, I immediately graduated to a neutral ground where that could have happened but its 50, man. Once he calms his ego and realizes that there still could be the possibility of G-Unit reforming, then who knows? But I know you can’t put together G-Unit without Game and you can’t do it without 50.”

I wonder how Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo feel about that statement. As for Young Buck? Well… who cares, right? Game continued talking about the importance of both he and 50 being involved to make the reunion happen:

“It’s kind of like that John Lennon, Paul McCartney thing. Jimmy Iovine used to say that a lot.”

Iovine is one of the head honchos at Interscope Records. Game also talked about the possibility of collaborating with Jay-Z. Click the button below to check out the full interview.